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Special Free Tour-visit Cadiz in November

We’ll explore different reasons why Cadiz should be visited in NovemberCadiz is a city because of its geographical location which offers a Mediterranean climate that allows anyone the opportunity to visit the city at any time of the year.

Talking about the weather, wel, there might be one little detail and it would be the wind of the LevanteBut this wind can surprise any tourist at any time of the year. In addition it is not so annoying since Cadiz offers a multitude of activities to do.

Visiting Cadiz in November opens up the possibility of enjoying an endless number of stuff to do within the cityFrom visiting its parks and parklands , passing through museums and theatres to the city’s beautiful urban beaches .

In addition, it is necessary to mention the great football atmosphere that one breathes in the city. So in the month of November you can enjoy a game from the local team, which is named the Cadiz football Club in its stadium.

visitar Cádiz en noviembre estadio de futbol Ramon de Carranza

The Ramón de Carranza Stadium is the temple of this hobby of Cadiz, in which besides enjoying the good football you can spend a fun afternoon listening to the songs of the fans, known to be one of the best in the world However, the city of Cadiz has some great culture and nature to offer that we will be describing below.

Festivities to visit in Cadiz in November.

Let’s start with the festivities, the central point of interest in the culture of the southern Spain.

We’ll start the month of November with the now increasingly more established one in the Spanish culture, Halloween. Every year more and more adults and children dressed in costumes enjoy the festivity in the streets.

But where it becomes obvious is in the entertainment venuesThese places are decorated with special Halloween touches and provide special offers for visitors and residents.

However, there is another festivity that is more traditional in the province of CadizAnd therefore also in the city, the day of All the Saints or as it is known in Cadiz The “Tosantos“.

Visitar todos los santos en Cádiz en Noviembre

What happens on November 1st in Cadiz?

On November 1, many people flock to the cemeteries, which have been adorned with flowers for the festivities.

Although in Cadiz there is an enclosure that previously was the local cemeteryIt has to be pointed out that it has not been in use for years. In fact, the plot is empty. But don’t worry because you can visit any of the cemeteries in the province.

Interesting things of the city of Cadiz.

Before continuing to name what other activities tourists can do in the city when visiting Cadiz in November, we believe that it is necessary to tell them about a couple of issues that arise from the humour and tradition of the land.

These questions are such that can be confusing for people who are not from Cadiz.


• The Hospital of Mora: It is an old hospital that was located in front of the beach of La CaletaCurrently in this building is the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Cadiz .

• The bullring of Cadiz: Also known as Plaza de Toros Asdrúbal that existed in the city of cadiz from the year 1929 to 1976, in what today is the square of AsdrúbalAt the beginning of the Spanish Civil war , its wall was used as a wall for shooting, which caused a mourning in the city to stop attending the events held there. Originating its dilapidated state and subsequently its demolition in the year 1976An iconic site that is added to the list of reasons to visit Cadiz in November

• The cemetery of San José: It is an urban space that has worked for some centuries as the principal place of Catholic burial of this localityIt closed in the year 2001.

Therefore, if you ask for directions to some place and refer to any of these places, please note that they may not exist, but are kept in the daily talk of Cádiz.

What to visit in Cadiz in November.

As previously mentioned, the exceptional climate of the this area allows us to do endless activities in November and visits to each one of its emblematic places. The climate is another point in favor for which one should visit Cadiz in November and can be fantastic as a family.

Next, we will detail with a list of the main sights to visit in the city of CadizRemember that here are but only a few named, so you will have to discover many more visiting Cadiz in the month of November.

Let’s take a short tour from north to south:

The Genoese Park

Just in the north of the city of Cadiz you will find this park. Ideal for family and taking good pictures, it has ample green spaces. You can find multiple species of plants and birds that reside there. In addition, the park borders on one of its sides to the sea, where you will have fantastic viewsAnother reason to visit Cadiz in November.

The Great theatre Falla

The cradle of the Cadiz Carnival, where you can also enjoy theatrical plays and concerts.

The Alameda Apodaca

walk full of color and Grove, where you will find relaxation in the city center.

The Caleta Beach

With the Castle of San Sebastián, be sure to make a stop here as it is one of the places one has to visit in Cádiz.

The city of Cadiz also has multiple squares laden with history and symbolism. One of the most emblematic is the Plaza de España de CádizIn which stands the monument of the Courts of 1812.

More reasons to visit Cadiz in November?

We invite you to visit this and all the other squares, since each one offers the visitor a unique beauty and where you can also try the typical dishes of Cadiz at any of its bars and restaurants.

The Central market of “Abastos”

The daily life of the Cadiz passes through The Central marketIf you plan to visit Cadiz in November you should not forget to approach the market.

In the Central market of Abastos, you can buy typical products of the area. Besides, get to know the marine species and fruits and vegetables in season in the month of NovemberAbove all, enjoy the good humour of the people of Cadiz.

visitar Cádiz en noviembre

Cadiz Cathedral

It is one of the icons of the city, visible from the Bahí and From the Atlantic glitters majesticly welcoming visitors. Have a stop in the square where you can taste typical dishes of the area.

The Roman Theatre of Cadiz

Next to the cathedral, an archaeological sight from Ancient Rome is limestone. It is an ideal place to enjoy a magical sunset.

Puertas de Tierra

They constituted the entrance to the Old City of Cadiz that was walledToday they separate the old town from the rest of the city.

Ramón de Carranza Stadium

Previously mentioned, it is another of the icons of the city.

Reasons to visit Cadiz in November summarized

In the previous list some of the most iconic places in the city of Cadiz have been mentioned. In the month of November there is the possibility to visit the urban beaches of the Atlantic that the city has. These are kilometres-long beaches where you can enjoy a pleasant walk or practise outdoor sports such as surfing.

On the Bay side, you can admire the two bridges that are used to connect the city to adjoining townsThese bridges are: the Carranza bridge and the Pepa bridge.

Cadiz also offers many museums to visit from those that represent the history and antiquity of the city, to other very interesting ones like the carnival or the comic, among others.

To sum it all up

The reasons for visiting Cadiz in November are quite clear. And of course, don’t forget to visit its restaurants and terraces to enjoy the traditional fried fish of the area and let´s not forget the night life.

Therefore, the city of Cadiz is an ideal place to visit in the month of NovemberBecause of its beaches, its gastronomy, its culture and its antiquity, but especially for its people.

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