If something you can not miss out on in your visit in Cadiz is to discover the House of the four towersThe House of the four towers is located in the heart of the district of San Carlos of The City of Cadiz, and is a building made up of four houses.

Juan Clat Fragela, a Syrian trader, was the promoter of this building. This building consists of four houses between the years 1736 and 1745.

The architecture that defines this building is characteristic of The houses of Chargers of the IndiesIt also retains many significant features of the Baroque CADIZ XVIII centuryIn addition, representation of Almagra painted and some outstanding architectural elements of Cadiz such as vaults, domes, skylights, meladuras, cistern…

The architectural design that presents This House of the four towers, as its name well says offers a tower in each of the four corners. Moreover, these four towers are the most monumental of all the towers built in the capital of Cadiz.

Characteristics of the House of the four towers

The facades of the House of the four towers have identical characteristics. Although they are dealing with four different houses in one building, they visually offer a unitary set.

Formerly in the construction of the building, urban ordinances forbade that houses to have more than one lookout tower. Therefore, the owner ordered the four independent houses to be built within the same building. As a result, every tower is considered an observatory or viewpoint, where you can see the horizon, where the same owner of the house made use of a telescope.

la casa de las cuatro torres

The design of the house of the four towers

The motifs and architectural designs presented by the House of the four towers are of great beauty, with beautiful drawings and elements of decoration in the construction. The interior of this building is organized around a courtyard, which includes a staircase.

As a result, from the towers can be seen spectacular views and to appreciate the intense relationship of this city of Cadiz with the seaThe House of the four Towers is considered a monument, but in 2015 the Integral restoration project was launched that resulted in what is now known as the Hotel Casa de las Cuatro Torres.


What we know for free tours or free tour of Cadiz is that is an activity that allows you to know the most emblematic sites in the city of Cadiz, as well as the history, culture and heritage of CadizThe free tours are known as an urban walk-routed by official guides, but without an established price.

How do the free tours work in Cadiz?

The guides that give the free tours in Cadiz are professionals of tourism and dominate a range of languages, they are sure to explain everything in a detail. That is, these free tours in Cadiz are organized with a necessary pre-reservation, which are prepared by a limited number of people in a group, to avoid the crowding of people and that everyone can enjoy this guided tour in Cadiz.

For bookings of the free tours are set up in a timetable and a calendar, along with the available hours to do the tours and the duration of these visits. In addition, these guided tours to the city of Cadiz are available in Spanish and English, so you can choose your language.

To put a start to the free tours, everyone gets together at a specific meeting point in Cadiz at the corresponding time of the reservation of the tour and its beginning. This is where the official guides wear something diffirent with which they are quickly identified.

What does the free tour include in Cadiz?

The free tours do not include transportation to the place, plus it is a tourist route on footNeither is food nor beverages included.

Once you finish the tour, depending on the experience you have had during the visit, you have total freedom to define the price you want based on your degree of satisfaction.

In the event that the visit for meteorological reasons or other reasons could not be realized, notifications are sent out and you are notified without problem.

And what if you don’t want to go or you can’t?

Just do not attend the meeting place at the time you have made the reservation. Or you can cancel it completely free.
The free tours in Cadiz are a recent way of knowing the great history that hides in this beautiful city, diving into the patrimony of Cadiz.


If you are going to organize a trip to visit this wonderful city located in the south of Spain, do not hesitate to leave a space to organize a free tour of Cadiz.
Attending a free tour of Cadiz implies numerous advantages and a dynamic way of knowing the capital more closely.

Let´s have a look at a list of advantages of doing free tours in Cadiz.
• You will learn in a fun way thanks to the guides. As they are characterized by being fun and enjoyable people.
• You will learn many historical facts, legends and past anecdotes of Cadiz.
• It is an opportunity for people who do not live in this city of Cadiz and also for the one who does, to know the history, heritage and culture of Cadiz.
• If you are on holiday in Cadiz, you can add it to your list of organized plans to do things and enjoy the city.
• Thanks to these guided tourist routes you will know the most authentic part of the city.

Do you want even more advantages of a free walking tour in Cadiz?

• It’s a way to save your tripSince the price they cost these free tours by Cadiz is the will.
• Do not take much time off your day, as the duration ranges from 2 to 3 hours.
• Besides discovering monuments and emblematic places of Cadiz, you can also discover the wonderful gastronomy of the city of Cádiz.
• Free tours are for all ages, you can come with your family, your friends or anyone you want.
• Free tours in Cadiz are an easy way to get to know the city.
• Thanks to this pleasant experience you will want to return to visit this beautiful city and to continue exploring the different places that crosses Cadiz.
• Allows you to meet a lot of new people .


Thanks to the free tours in Cadiz you will be able to discover all the charming corners of the city of Cadiz.
These guided tourist routes will help you to know the history along with the most emblematic monuments and places that Cadiz has.

Some highlights of the city:
• Pópulo District
• Roman Theatre
• Cathedral of Cadiz
• Plaza de las Flores
• Church of Santa Cruz
• Supply Market
• Plaza de la Cruz Verde
• Church of La Palma
• Playa de la Caleta
• Campos del Sur-Little Havana
• Admiral’s House

The free tours of Cadiz will allow you to know the places and monuments mentioned above. 
• Highlights of the free tours in Cadiz.
• The House of the four towers.

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