Don’t know what to see in the province of CadizDo you want to live unique experiences and emotionsRead on to learn about the various activities you can do.

Costa Tourism

If you are a lover of the coast then Cadiz is your perfect province, it has the best beaches nationwide.

Bologna Beach

It is one of the virgin Beaches that exist in the province, covered with white and very fine sand, blue waters, cold, crystalline and with shallow depth.

You will fall in love with this beach, with its huge dune, from the top you can see a green sea formed by the treetops surrounding the beach.

qué ver en la provincia de Cádiz
Bologna Beach

El Palmar Beach

One of the best beaches on the Costa de la Luz, with fine sand and crystal clear waters. If you are a fan of waves, this is your beach as it meets the perfect conditions needed for surfing.

If you are not very athletic, you can relax in the different chill out areas that are on the beach, while you sit back and enjoy the beauty of this beach.

Playa El Palmar
El Palmar Beach

Caños de Meca Beach

It is one of the most famous beaches of Cadiz, made up of various coastal spaces for all tastes.

You can find plain beaches and dunes, as well as small coves accessible only when the tide is low.

The latter are ideal for water sports such as snorkelingHowever in other areas you can also do kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurf and bodyboarding .

Playa de Caños de Meca
Caños de Meca Beach

Cultural tourism

Baelo Claudia Ruins

Located at the beach of Bologna, are ruins of the Roman period, they are an emporium which was a place where the maritime trade was concentrated.

They were likewise the port of union with Tingis (Tangier at present)That constant communication with North Africa was one of the factors of urban development.

If you are a history lover and want to know more about how they lived in Roman times, this is definitely an obligatory visit. From professional guides you will get to know the history that hides within these ruins.

Ruinas de Baelo Claudia
Baelo Claudia Ruins

Alcázar de Jerez

It is a set of fortified buildings of Almohad origin Located in Jerez de la Frontera.

Considered one of the few examples of Almohad architecture in the Iberian Peninsula.

It has one of the oldest monuments of the city, the dark Chamber located in the Tower of the Villavicencio Palace .

If you want to know this period of history better then this is your visit.

Alcázar de Jerez
Alcázar de Jerez

Alberie Dolmen

It dates back to the year 4000 BC and is located in los llanos de Villamartín along with four more graves.

The painted and engraved decoration depicting suns, snakes, weapons and human forms are preserved in the stone moles.

This great tomb gave shelter to two corpses, wrapped by a rich and exotic funerary regalia.

Obligatory visit for all prehistory fans.

Dolmen de Alberite
Alberie Dolmen


Monument of the Constitution

Located in the Plaza de España in Cadiz, it is definitely a landmark of the cityRepresents one of the most important milestones in Spanish history, the Constitution of 1812.

Impressive architectural work and another obligatory visit of which will allow you to improve your knowledge of Spain at that time.

Monumento de la Constitución
Monument of the Constitution

The slide

Known as the old fish market, it has a large stone wall formed by half-point arches dating back to the eighteenth century.

Located in the town of Puerto de Santa María, formerly home to the fish market or fishmonger .

If you are a lover of architecture this building then you will be enchanted by this building, you can see its architectural style which is still perfectly preserved.

El Resbaladero
The slide


Religious tourism

If you are a lover of religious images, No doubt Jerez de la Frontera is your place. A city that gathers a large number of brotherhoods with images and churches that you can’t miss.

If you have a some spare time to tour then have a look at these provincial level obligatory visits:

Jerez de la Frontera Cathedral

Construction of the 17th century that combines Gothic, baroque and neoclassical stylesRaised on the remains of the primitive major mosque of Jerez and the old Church of the SAVIOR of the 12th century

If you are a lover of the architecture and want to contemplate the impressive interior of the cathedral, well then this visit is obligatory. Reference point of the Holy Week Jerezana, which gives off beauty and history.

Catedral de Jerez de la Frontera
Jerez de la Frontera Cathedral

Augustinian Convent

Located in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, it was a convent of order of Saint AugustineConsidered an artistic-historical ensemble of the city.

Impressive church composed of three naves being the highest central and which is covered by a plaster vault.

Convento de los Agustinos
Augustinian Convent

Cadiz Cathedral

Considered the main tourist attraction of the city of CadizIt is located in a strategic area and can be seen from any point of the city.

Like the Cathedral of Jerez, it is the landmark of the Holy Week of Cadiz, a point of Penance station for all brotherhoods.

Delving into the cathedral and observing the architectural beauty that it is made up of, it is without a doubt an image that you will remember fondly.

Catedral de Cádiz
Cadiz Cathedral

Mountain tourism

If you like adventure and the countryside, then you can not miss these recommendations:

Majaceite River Route

Considered one of the most practical trails in the Sierra de Grazalema Natural ParkIt presents an easy tour with beautiful spots.

It is ideal to do with the family thanks to its slight degree of Complicadez, you will discover a unique scenery.

During the tour you can see the remains of mills and the old power plant of the Sierra.

Do not forget to take this opportunity to delve into these peculiar and unique terrains.

Ruta Río Majaceite
Majaceite River Route

Pinsapar Route

Located in the heart of the Sierra de Cádiz, in the Sierra de GrazalemaRoute that requires a higher level, allows to delve into the foliage of the Pinsapar.

You will descend on a paved road surrounded by a lush pinewood as you begin to see the town of Grazalema.

It is convenient to know that you need a prior authorization to take the route.

Mapa Ruta Pinsapar
Route Pinsapar Map

Straits Natural Park

This maritime-Terrestrial Park houses a great natural richness of great singularity. During the visit you will enjoy beautiful beaches surrounded by pine trees.

As the route progresses along the mountain range to reach the great cliffs . Where you can see a great diversity of birds, such as storks, Buzzard Falcon, Black Kite and Griffon vulture.

Parque natural del Estrecho
Straits Natural Park

Los Alcornocales Natural Park

Located in the province of Cadiz and part of Malaga, it presents a great diversity of landscapesFormed by a great richness of fauna and flora.

In this diverse park you can do mountaineering activities , caving, descending or horseback riding.

It is an ideal visit to do the route of the white villages, it is a highly recommended route and to go out on some excursion and not to miss the charm of Cadiz.

Parque natural los Alcornocales
Los Alcornocales Natural Park

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