This guide on what to see in Cadiz in two days is perfect for travelers who have little time to see the wonders of this city.

Optimizing the routes, and activities you can explore the most interesting places in the city of Cadiz, and discover the charm and magic that encloses the city.

Visitar Cádiz en noviembre en tu tour gratis de la ciudad en Andalucia

Morning Activities

According to statistics, in relation to travel, the mornings are  most used by travelers to carry out activitiesIf you want to know the city in depth and its history, a compulsory activity is to take a Free Tour in Cadiz.

Not only will you visit the city, but a specialized guide will tell you all about the history that is trapped within the walls of Cadiz, it is as if you were the protagonists in it.

Bike Tour

For the more adventurous we have a proposal to discover Cadiz in a fun way: cycling Tour in Cadiz .

It is one of the most original ways to discover the city. By pedalling you’ll discover every corner and through the expert guides you will hear great local stories in a fun and entertaining way.

In just a couple of hours you can see the city of CadizNot only will you save time, but also keep in shape for your health through this fantastic exercise.

If you are more self-taught and prefer to go for free, we will detail the places you definitely have to see in the morning:

Market and Plaza de las Flores (Flowers Square)

It is one of the most emblematic public places in the city of Cadiz, located in the historic centre.

The Plaza de las Flores is one of the most colourful and lively places in the city. Due to in part because of it´s near the Plaza de Abastos.

It is a large urban area, surrounded by shops and cafes, ideal to take a break.

In addition, you can find numerous shops, and more importantly, one of the most important fish fryers in the city of Cadiz.

So if you are looking for a place to eat Fried Pescaito…. this is your square.

Santa Catalina Castle

It is an ancient fortification of the sixteenth century based on the plans of engineer Cristóbal de Rojas.

With this visit we will discover the history that hides within the corners of the castle. You can visit temporary showrooms, shop at art and craft workshops.

Not forgetting the wonderful views that you´ll enjoy during this visit to Cadiz.

Torre Tavira

If you want to see a perfect panorama of the city and have the best views, this is your place to visit.

This architectural work of the XVIII century also hides in its interior the interesting attraction of the dark Chamber.

Gourmet Tour

If you are a food lover this should be by far your perfect activity. You will be surrounded by the best company while tasting the best tapas and wines of Cadiz.

You will enjoy daily life in the hands of the local guides of CadizIt is a tour of four of the most famous tapas bars.

Afternoon activities

Once the morning has been fully taken advantage of, there are a variety of other activities you can do. If you have not done the bike tour, you can also do it later on in the day.

The essential places that you cannot let forget to visit are:

Plaza de España (Spanish Square)

In it you’ll find the Monument of the 1812 Constitution, impressive monument of great height. In it you will get to know the history it holds, and the great controversy that meant to establish a constitution in those times.

Its location near the port allows one to look at unique buildings such as the House of the Four Towers and the customs building.

Cadiz Cathedral

Anyone who wonders what to see in Cadiz has this monument as a compulsory visit.

Built in the year 1838 located in the Historical center of CadizAlmost on the edge of the sea is visible from any point of the city.

With the same entrance to the cathedral you can also visit the museum Professor of Cadiz located next to the old cathedral.

Genoese Park

It is a small botanical park with species from all over the world. In the you will find some birds perched at ease.

If you are looking for a moment of peace and relaxation, this is a perfect place.

Cadiz Museum

Located in the Plaza de la Mina, is the perfect place to learn about the history of the emblematic city of Cadiz.

Although it seems hard to believe, this city has great history throughout the ages.

Night activities

With the fall of the afternoon one of the obligatory visits of what to see in Cadiz is without a doubt:

Playa de la Caleta

Located between the castles of San Sebastián and Santa Catalina, it has served as inspiration to thousands of artistics over the years.

From here you can see the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean as you have never seen before.

Barrio del Pópulo

Located in the oldest area of Cadiz, you can enjoy cobbled streets and full of arcsIt is a perfect area for tapas and also to enjoy the nightlife of Cadiz.

These are the obligatory activities to be carried out in the city of CadizBut if you want to know more and discover Cadiz as a province, we recommend the following visits:

Jerez de la Frontera

Territory that formed part of the border between the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada and the Crown of Castile, this emblematic locality combines avant-garde, culture and traditionBecoming a benchmark for Andalusian folklore.

It´s a city of wine and world-wide reference which has more than 20 wineries to visitIn addition to museums specializing in this art, wineries, bars and restaurants specialising in wine tasting and pairing.

A city full of cigars, old offices of wine from Jerez where to get to know first hand what the wines of Jerez are.

Not only is it the city of wine but it is also the City of horsesThe Carthusian horses are one of the most representative Elements of Jerez and a tradition that comes from the 15th century.

If you want to experience this fusion of art and wine this is a definite stop if you visit the city.

Puerto de Santa María

Together with Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Jerez de la Frontera they compose the so-called Jerez triangleThey form the delta where the grapes of sherry wine are made.

This city is home to the famous Osborne winery, named The Wine Cathedral of this land.

Land of history and wine make it one of the obligatory visits of the province of Cadiz.

Route of the white villages

However if you are more into the mountain than the coast, we recommend that you squeeze the white villages into the two days you have to visit.

The white lime in the houses is responsible for linking one town to another. It’s an abrupt, tasty, green and exciting tour.

The route is composed by a total of 19 villages, with an abundant existence of archaeological heritage.

Discover the history of Al-Andalus that lies in them, the urban layout of its streets, the economy linked to the cultivation of oil, or the artisan production of leather products.

You will witness a landscape declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO of the Sierra of GrazalemaIf you don’t want to miss any details, we recommend that you get a tourSpecialized guides will give you all the info you need.

Whether it be the beachs or the mountains, Cadiz is a province that will not disappoint youWe’re sure you’ll want to repeat the experience.

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