Cadiz’s typical food is made up of varied and exquisite dishes. Because of its coastal location, its main source of inspiration is Marine products.

There are many traditional recipes, but we will show you the most typical dishes of Cadiz and the other cities of the rest of the province.

Typical starters of Cadiz

When it comes to the gastronomy of Cadiz it is commonplace to take a tapa before eating the main course. But this does not have to be those of Chacina or Cheese Payoyo. Fancy a tapas tour in Cadiz?

There is a wide variety of starters that can be found in any bar or restaurant in the province.

We´ll give you some insight of the most traditional ones they have come up with over the years in Cadiz.

Shrimp Omelette

Baby Shrimp is a crustacean and similar to normal shrimp but smaller in size. Abundant on the coast of Cadiz has caused it to be one of the star dishes of the gastronomy of Cadiz.

The Tortillitas are composed of a dough made with wheat flour, chickpea flour, onion, parsley, water, salt and shrimp.

With the dough is also prepared some small tortillas which are thin, so that when they are fried they are as crisp as possible around the edges and juicy in the centerIt’s definitely one of the dishes that you can’t miss.

Tortillita de camarones
Shrimp Tortillas

Fried Nettles

The Nettles are a sea anemone and are located in the rocks of the seabed or the reefs of Coral.

The most traditional way of preparing them is through fryingKeep in mind that each of them has a different size so this affects the frying times.

To produce them you will only need wheat flour and chickpea flourOnce it has been well battered it is a matter of frying them and eating them. If you are lovers of seafood gastronomy, this dish will leave you speechless.

Ortiguillas fritas
Fried Nettles


This dish is seasonal, specifically the months of October and November and is often accompanied by a MostoTo most ideal way to eat it is to use a “cuento” and a stick spoon.

Ideal to take as a tapa before the main course, it consists of a very simple elaboration.

To prepare it you will only need: ripe vineyard tomatoes, garlic cloves, green peppersIf you want to try the authentic Jerez garlic, it is best to go to a farmhouse and accompany it with a Mosto of the house. It´s a rural experience that you will never stop repeating every year.


Typical main dishes of Cadiz

If something identifies Cadiz, it is the variety of typical stews that the province is know for. However, we have made a selection of the three best known ones.

Potatoes with Chocos

This stew is another of the star dishes of the province of CadizIt is a recipe of tradition that is passed down from parents to their children. And it is that each family gives a different and own touch to its elaboration.

The preparation of the dish is simple, and quick to perform. You will only need potatoes, chocos (commonly known as cuttlefish), onion, tomatoes, green peppers, oil, garlic, laurel and wine.

As some personal advice, it is best to accompany this dish with a good loaf of breadYou will not stop smearing it inside the potatoes, we assure you.

Papas con chocos
Potatoes with Chocos

Fried Pescaito

Eating Pescaito Frito is a tradition in Cadiz customsDish of excellence in the province, which we can find practically in all the bars and restaurants.

There are many versions of this dish, as it can be elaborated with various types of seafood.

The most typical of the province are boquerones, Acedías, Choco, Pijotas, sardines, mullet, lace, prawns, mackerel, chanquete or whiting.

Once you have chosen the genre you are interested in you simply have to fry and serve. Without forgetting the lemon, this is the star element to finish off the dish once fried.

Pescaito frito
Fried Pescaito

Red tuna

Tuna is one of the most widely used ingredients in the cuisine of CadizMainly because of its versatility when preparing a dish.

It is an ingredient that we can serve both raw in the form of Tataki, as hot, a tuna stew in tomato.

Its popularity is due to its location as we mentioned before.

Our recommendation is to test the Tataki and fully experience its texture and great taste.

Atún rojo
Red tuna

Typical dessert of Cadiz

The great peculiarity of the province of Cadiz is the temporality of the dessertsFor each moment there is a certain dessert, so we have selected the three main references.


Christmas main dessert Jerezana, it is a dough similar to being puffy and covered with honey.

Traditionally they are handed out by the Zambombas held during the months of November and December in that locality.

The traditional recipe says that once we have created the dough with flour, sherry wine, oil, sugar, lemon peel and salt, they must be bathed with honey and decorative sprinkles.

There is no better way to get to know this dessert and try it than in a traditional Zambomba.


French toast

When the Easter season approaches, this dish takes prominence. Born of the need to take advantage of the resources that existed in the houses.

Specifically to take advantage of the hard bread and to remove the hunger that those went through when not being able to eat meat.

There are two ways to make this dish: traditional French toast or Jerez French toastTo prepare the first we need hard bread, milk, water, egg and oilOnce fried, sprinkle with sugar.

The second option requires mold bread, odorous wine, water, eggs and oil

French toast

Bones of Saint (Huesos de santo)

During the autumn months until All Saints Day, this dessert is made. Made of roll-shaped dough based on marzipan and stuffed with egg cream.

The traditional filling is the cream of yolk of Huevor, but there are establishments that fill them with cream or cocoa cream.

To give the last touch to the plate is sprinkled with icing sugar.

And here ends our little visit to the typical food dishes of Cadiz.

Would you like to discover them?

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