There are many people who want a free tour in CadizWhat’s more, there are currently several cities that have free toursAs a result they are a great help for people who want to live unique experiences in the cities they travel to. The Province of Cadiz, is one of the cities that go on a free tour around the wonderful corners of this city.

Thanks to the free tours you have the opportunity to have a nice time while discovering it in a more information-rich way.

If it is the first time you want to do a free tour in Cadiz, here we show the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Free tour en Cádiz Andaucia con Cadizfornia tours

1. How can I join a free tour?

Once you have decided to do a free tour, and consider that it would be a good option for our visit to Cadiz to choose a free tour, it’s time to know how to join one.

To be able to join a free tour is done in a very simple way, you have to make a reservation on the website.

What does the reservation include?

When booking, you have to specify how many people are going to go on the free tour.

The spots are limited to not overcrowd the visit, this will help everyone to enjoy the explanations easier.

It also shows the duration of the free tour, which usually oscillates between 2 or 3 hours .

When you want to book your free tour in Cadiz, you will be able to see and choose the date and time available.

Once you have done all of this, you will instantly receive the confirmation of your reservation.

Finally, you have everything set, now all you have to do is to wait for the fixed time and go to the meeting point, where your guided tour will begin on foot.

2. What is the price of the free tour?

It is probably one of the most frequent questions when you want to go on a free tour in Cadiz.

Despite that, as its name indicates “free Tour”, there are many people who have this doubt.

In order to clarify this doubt, first we have to know that a free tour is a free tour that allows us to know the main sights of the city.

The guides who go on these tourist visits all work on the basis of tips, this means that, once you have finished the tour you have the freedom to decide if you want to contribute economicaly or not.

The tip can vary according to your degree of satisfaction after having gone on the tour in this cityYou will appreciate the work of the guide who gave the tour, this value is at the discretion of each one.

Therefore, we must clarify that there is no established price to do these tourist visits in the city of Cadiz.

3. Is the free tour for all ages?

When we travel to know a city or a country, we are interested in history, culture, customs etc.

If you have organized a getaway to the city of Cadiz with family, it is a good opportunity for you to go on a free tour in Cadiz.

It is an activity that you can do with family, the children will also learn about the history, heritage, culture, customs, gastronomy of the city of Cadiz.

Depending on the age of the children, they will understand and know more or less things, despite this, you will also enjoy this visit, as the work of the guides is enjoyable.

4. Do you take public transport to the meeting point?

When you book the free tour, there is a the place called: meeting Point, which is where your guided tourist route begins. In each city one or several meeting points are established depending on the place.

The meeting points are usually places easy to recognize within the cityThere you will find the person who will be in charge of showing us the most emblematic places of this city.

Once we know the time and the meeting point, we will be ready to start our magnificent guided tour of Cadiz.

You have to reach the meeting point approximately 10 minutes before the start of your visit.

This is usually a very frequent question, and there is no specific public transport that takes you to the rendezvous point

punto de encuentro del free tour en Cádiz

5. How do I know if a free tour has been cancelled?

The free tours are done daily in the city of Cadiz, the availability can be looked up on the web.

In spite of the climatology, this service is offered daily throughout the year, but it is possible that one day due to weather conditions this it is cancelled or possibly because of any other reason.

The free tour company will notify you of this cancellation beforehandTherefore, there is nothing to worry about, as there will be more days when you can enjoy the free tour in Cadiz.

6. How much advance do I have to book a free tour?

The free tours can be booked the same day, or without reservation and if you are lucky and you are present at the meeting point… you may be able to start the guided tour at that moment if there is a spot available.

For groups of many people it is advisable to make reservations through the Web, as they would occupy many spots of the free guided tour.

7. In what languages are the free tours?

The Free tours we offer in the Cadiz City of Cádiz are available in two languagesSpanish and English.

They are usually divided into two groups: A tour that the free guided visit is with a guide that gives it in Spanish and another tour that the visit is done by a guide that performs in English.

Both tours will be done so that they do not overlap, so that everyone can enjoy this guided tour.

8. Can I go without booking?

You can book on our website or present yourself directly at the meeting point to enjoy the experience of a free tour.

Booking through the web is not entirely necessary, unless it is a group of many people, then it will be necessary.

Without reservation, you can meet at the meeting point, but please inform the guide of how many people you are and if there is a spot available, you can join the free tour.

reserva plaza en tu free tour en Cádiz

9. Do tours include ticket prices somewhere?

Many times when we visit a city, we tend to look at the entrances of places, the most emblematic buildings in those cities.

Most of these places require access through admission, in other words, their access is not free.

The free tours in Cadiz take you to know this city, and it is true that this guided tour shows you places, monuments or buildings from the outside, and visiting them require access through payment entry.

These free guided tours of the city do not include a visit to any place that requires admission.

Your guide will give you all the information about the places of interest and the different times and days

10. How many people can take part in the free tours?

We do not set a maximum number of people allowed in the free tours, but we tend to limit the group of people so that the size of the group is not very large.

Reservations through the web will help a better organization and above all to know the number of people who are more or less going to go on the free tour in Cadiz, an estimated amount.

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