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Do you want to visit Cadiz with children but do not know what to do in the city? Cadiz is a wonderful city to visit with childrenIt is full of parks and emblematic places where children have fun at the same time they learn. And of course, Cadiz has wonderful beaches in which to enjoy a pleasant day in family.

The city of Cadiz offers the possibility to do various outdoor sports such as surfing at its urban beachesVisiting museums and places of leisure and the gastronomy will make visiting Cadiz as a family a wonderful experience.

visitar Cádiz con niños y hacer surf

What to visit in Cadiz if you come with children?

The oldest city in the West is brimming with numerous sociocultural sites where children can spend a wonderful family day or as an extracurricular activity while having fun and learning.

So, let’s point out some of the many places to visit if you come to Cadiz with children…


The Genoese Park, the public garden par excellence of obliged visit if you come to Cadiz with children.

Located in the northernmost part of the city of Cadiz, the Genoese park is limited to the north by the Atlantic Ocean and to the south throughout the territory of the city of Cadiz.

It has a wide variety of botany, with species from many corners of the globe. In the center of this, we can find a lake where ducks swim, to which one can give a little bread to.

Next to the lake, there is a small artificial cave where the little ones will feel like a complete adventurer. This cave allows you to climb over the mound where you can find a waterfall, providing wonderful views.

Within the Genoese park there are also areas with slides and swings where children can have fun after a healthy snack, while watching the pigeons and parrots fly over the park.

Visitar Cádiz con niños en el parque de genoves

Squares in Cadiz to visit with children.

The city of Cadiz is full of squares laden with symbology throughout the route of its old town, from the Carnival festivity to historical events as important as the Constitution of 1812.

This last fact is reflected in the Plaza (Square) de España in Cadiz, in which the center a monument in honor of the Courts of 1812 stands. The Plaza of Spain of Cadiz is another of the ideal places to visit Cadiz with children.

It is located northeast of the old town, being surrounded by emblematic buildings such as the Customs Palace or the House of the five TowersIn addition, inside the square there are multiple sculptures and botanical species that make the square of Spain of Cadiz a place one should visit.

Another of the most significant squares of the capital of Cadiz is the Cathedral square in which there are plenty of bars and places to dine or have a snack while admiring the Cathedral of Cadiz.

The Plaza de las Flores (Flowers Square) is another of the symbolic places of the capital of CadizLocated in the center of the Old Town, it is an ideal place to enjoy the good “pescaito frito” of the place.

Finally, one of the places to visit in the city of Cadiz Is the Plaza Mina, an open place that remains almost unalterable in which, after the Genoese park, are located a multitude of tree species.

Leisure places to visit Cadiz with children.

The city of Cadiz offers many places of leisure to visit with childrenLet´s have a look at two of the most representative ones, do not forget to discover the rest:

Great theatre Falla of Cadiz.

A reason to visit Cadiz with children is the great theatre Falla in CadizIt is one of the most popular and emblematic buildings in the capital. 
This important theatre is located on the site occupied by another wooden project by Manuel García del Álamo in the year 1870 and which perished in a fire in the early hours of august 6th , 1881.

Visitar Cádiz con niños al teatro de Falla

The Great theatre Falla It is known especially in the Carnival of CadizEach year the COAC or Carnival grouping contest takes place, but throughout the year there are numerous theatrical plays and concerts for the enjoyment of all.

Ramón de Carranza Stadium.

In addition to the carnival, in the city of Cadiz there is a great football environment with its local Team – The Cádiz CF ClubThe Ramón De Carranza Stadium is, therefore, the home of the local team in which great football evenings have been experienced with one of the best hobbies in Spanish territory.

The club was founded on September 12th, 1910 with the name of Mirandilla Fútbol ClubIt was in the year 1936 when it changed to its current name, having the best years during the 80`s in the First division of Spanish football.

One of the most important figures of the team Cadiz was the Magic player Gonzalez.

Apart from those mentioned, the city has museums and other places that guarantee unforgettable moments when visiting Cadiz with children.

Cadiz beaches to visit with children.

The exceptional Mediterranean climate of the capital of Cadiz, and its unique location in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, means that Cadiz has wonderful urban beaches on which to spend a good day with the children.

Cadiz’s beaches are an ideal place to practice various outdoor sports such as surfing, or haver an afternoon snack with family and friends.

Visitar las playas deCádiz con los niños

But if you want to visit Cadiz with children, one of the beaches to visit is the beach of La CaletaIn which the little ones can be seen with the boats that are in the area or visit the Castle of San Sebastián that is on the left side of the beach.

The Victoria beach, away from the old town, is a large area where the little ones can surf or do other water sports away from the city.

In short, Cadiz is a city that hosts numerous sociocultural events a year, allowing visitors to enjoy any of them.

Besides, another of the advantages of visiting Cadiz with children is the gastronomy. The city’s seafaring tradition offers a multitude of dishes related to bay fish and seafood rich in Omega 3 that will make meals a source of health and delight.

This article mentions the most representative places in the city of Cadiz, now it is time to take the camera and visit them, and many more that remain to be discovered. Enjoy a free tour and book your free walking tour for when you come to visit Cadiz with children.

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